A quick summary…

We don’t know about everything. It is tempting to say so, but this is not just smoke and mirrors even if being consultants.

What we know about is recruitment, as we have been at it all of our lives. We started as clients and then moved to consultancy. And viewing the two sides of the same coin is truly enriching.

In addition, we have been working together for more than 14 years and we get along well.

Why complicating our lives creating this?

Because we knew recruitment could stop being a headache.

And we would not stop till we made it true.

We had to ensure that recruitment & selection was no longer an issue at your committees.

And that only happens when everything goes smoothly.

We are 3 in this adventure. Two psychologists and a normal person.


Is outstanding at understanding the market. She literally knows profiles better than anyone, and she is able to find what seemingly does not exist. She only has one problem… she never grows tired. We have to unplug her PC to make her stop; by force. Each and every client that has worked with her admires her.



Is the analyst of the group. He lives among complicated spreadsheets that apparently talk to him. And they tell him really interesting things, they always hit on target. He is like a happy fish in the waters of ambiguity. He always finds the perfect anecdote, the proper joke. He is the life of every party.


She spends her days inventing new things. She´s the creative of the three. It might be that she finds it easier to foreknow, or to see the global picture. She´s nice. But headstrong, for sure. And quite bossy, as well.


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