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You do not want to work with a recruitment agency

You just want to close your vacancies fast and well

And to have your internal client delighted

So that your organization only talks about recruitment to ask how the **** you do it.

No more traditional recruitment that does not work


That´s why we only do SCOUTING

Think it´s similar? It is not. There are 3 keys that make it different. And effective

Scouting is reaching out to every potentially valid candidate. Even the ones you weren´t even aware that existed

It means talking to 250 in each process. This is the first key

And it is to focus on the hard profile, on whether the candidate has and knows what you need

Scouting is giving you a picture of the market and how you are positioned as an employer. Of how attractive you are

And salary data. This is cool for those moments when you need to understand whether your offer is reasonable or not

We are often told that, if only for this, it’s worth working with us. Second key

All this cannot be done by a junior learning while doing your process

Nor by a consultant managing 8 or 10 processes at the same time. That leads them to always end up presenting the same 25 candidates that he has in the database hanging around

It only works if it is done by a very specific type of consultant

And, above all, someone who works exclusively for your process. This is the third key, the most important. This is why we can go so deep and so fast

This might not be for you

➲ Because we do not evaluate soft profile and you might prefer the traditional consultancy style

➲ Because we are not going to tell you who fits perfectly well with your culture or with that boss we don’t know. But because there is no external who can know that. This is something only you can do

➲ And because if you are looking for something cheaper, like a rpo or an implant, it is not here. Before renewing whatever you have ask us if you want, and we’ll tell you why it doesn’t work. Even if you do not work with us you may be interested in this info We’ve done a lot in our previous life

What we do will very possibly interest you if you are used to outsourcing your vacancies and you know that the candidates you want do not sign up for the ad

Also if there are times when you doubt whether what you are looking for exists and you need to prove it

And if, to find good candidates, you end up spending so much time and effort recruiting that you don’t get to do much else

What we provide is peace of mind.

If your organization does not sell, nobody will tell you that it is because they do not have the candidates they need

Just to summarize, clients who already work with us receive only 2 things:

⇻ A stock of 6 candidates in a few days.

⇻ A recording with market arguments

We only succeed because a very senior consultant who knows how to assess the market is dedicated exclusively to your vacancy, not because we do magic. This is why it works

By the way, there are 3 more cases in which we will not be able to help you:

If you pay below market. That way you will never have the candidates you want, neither with us nor with anyone else

If you are not clear about what you want. But because you will almost never like anything

If you are one of those who closes out of boredom. Because we are not going to present you candidates forever. That´s zero profitable 

This works if you know what you want and are not afraid to choose

Our prices

We have a flat and public rate

Because we charge for our work, not for how big you are or how difficult the profile is. All vacancies are difficult and we do not intend to increase our fee presenting high salary candidates


For vacancies up to €49,999 (fixed & variable)



For managers and/or salaries between €50,000 and €79,999
(fixed & variable)



For salaries over €80,000 (fixed & variable)


This is what it costs to have 6 incredible candidates in a few days and make your organization happy

If you want to contact us, leave us your email


We are 3 in this adventure. Two psychologists and a normal one

Is outstanding at understanding the market. She literally knows profiles better than anyone, and she is able to find what seemingly does not exist. She only has one problem… she never grows tired. We have to unplug her PC to make her stop; by force. Each and every client that has worked with her admires her.

Is the analyst of the group. He lives among complicated spreadsheets that apparently talk to him. And they tell him really interesting things, they always hit on target. He is like a happy fish in the waters of ambiguity. He always finds the perfect anecdote, the proper joke. He is the life of every party.

The normal one. She spends her days inventing new things. She´s the creative of the three. She´s headstrong, for sure. And quite bossy, as well.