Think about this…

How relaxed would your professional life be if each time you come across your internal client, you get congratulated for always offering the right candidates needed and in far less time than usual?

After all of our lives in this sector, first as clients and then as consultants, we could clearly see that recruitment should be done differently.

A way in which your organization only talks about recruitment to ask how the **** you do it.

Before you say “yeah, whatever”, we tell you how we do it and then you decide.

It all starts on one premise...

We needed to give you the 3 things you want:

  1. More candidates.
  2. In far less time.
  3. And with better quality.

We have done a lot of research on what is being done in other countries, especially in the USA and central Europe, which are the ones that tend to be ahead. We were very interested in knowing what those who have a lot of difficulty attracting talent do to solve that problem.

And we have mixed it with 20 years of experience and everything we know about the local market.

What has come out works extraordinarily.

And that's what backs up our commitment: if in 12 days you don't have your candidates, it’s because they don't exist.


Well, let’s get to the point, because we don’t want this to be all smoke and mirrors as the usual consultant speech.

Maybe you are asking yourself how we are different…

Yeah… their website looks different to others, but these consultants usually promise a lot and at the end they are all the same…

Let’s be clear, the first thing we know for sure is that this is not for everybody.

There are those who prefer posturing, or who feel more comfortable with the traditional consulting style… with its long and expensive processes and its agendas filled with outdated contacts.

In this case, we are not for you. And it’s ok, really, there’s no accounting for taste.

However… if publishing an advert and waiting to see what happens does not work for you anymore;

If the processes take you so much time that you don’t want to see the hiring manager to avoid his questions;

Or if sometimes you think that what they ask for just does not exist;

And you end up dedicating so much time to recruitment that you feel you are doing nothing else;

Then this might be really interesting for you.

The actual thing that makes us different is that we have been able to unlearn and to look at the recruitment processes with the eyes of a child.

Uninhibited and with no strings attached.

And we have discovered that it is perfectly possible to offer you 6 amazing candidates in 12 days.

How have we improved the existing processes?

To sum up, you get the confidence that you are going to offer your internal clients what they need.

And time. You get time for the other thousand things you need to do.

And how do you do it? I don’t believe you.

Well, we rather tell you about it personally, if you want, but just one tip:

We invest only in the base of the whole process. The part which is less efficient and more time-consuming for you: SCOUTING (prime quality search and recruitment)

But you don’t interview them?

Sure we do. We talk with all of them to understand their profile, their background and their motivation in depth.

It looks good, but then you put a junior profile in charge of the process that does not really know how to handle it...

Not us.

We always provide a consultant with 3 characteristics:

– Senior, so that he does not need to learn at your expense.
– Who knows your sector almost better than you. And who knows where to find those candidates and talks to them in their own jargon.
– And most important, someone who´s a crack searcher. But real search recruitment, not just taking a look in LinkedIn (which he also excels at).

This is the only way you can be sure you are receiving the best for your vacancie. Any other option means just settling for the lesser evil within those who reply to your ads.

Our marketing people told us we should insert here logos and references from our clients...

We won’t do that.

Recruitment means discretion and confidentiality, so we never talk about our clients, as we believe you would not want us to talk about you.

So let’s move on.

How can you be so fast?

It is due to the kind of consultants we work with. That is the key of our model.

Well, and also due to our methodology.  

Many of you want to hire the same candidates. We always have that in mind and know that if you don’t get that candidate, others will. And we don’t want that to happen.

One important point. We really value your time.

And ours.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be profitable for anybody.

We won’t waste time or charge you for interviews to tell you how well the candidates match the company style. Because you are already going to do that. And the manager. And the manager of the manager… And for a reason nobody else will acknowledge… because an external source can never know who really fits in your organization. Or with that boss he does not know about. Never.

Is your service expensive?

Depends on what you consider expensive

Furthermore, our prices are published in this site. So there are no surprises.

Another important point. We are not particularly cheap, that is not our deal.

We are very good. And very fast.

Some of our clients value the fast response, others the simplicity, and others the quality or the volume of candidates…

If your priority is just saving money, maybe we are not what you are looking for.

What if the candidates I look for don’t usually reply to job offer ads?

No problem; that is quite common. Nowadays very few processes can be completed by just publishing the job offer. All our processes include direct search. We approach candidates that are not in active job search to offer them your project.

What happens if you don’t find candidates for my job position?

It has never happened.

If the candidate you look for exists and is interested, we find it.

And if we consider that there is any aspect of your request that is not feasible, we will tell you so in advance.

What if I don’t like any of the 6 candidates proposed?

The million dollar question from those who still haven’t worked with us!

Well, that is really very unlikely.

As we have already sent you the validation shortlist of candidates, we have scouted the market and have provided you feedback about it, your usual problem will surely be how to increase headcount and hire more than one candidate.

Anyway, if you interview all 6 and explain us what does not fit, we won’t let you down, in a few days we will send you some more.

As we have already decided to exclude client references, the marketing guys asked us to at least put this here… and we are ok with it. These are some reassuring data:

86% of our clients repeat with us.

74% of new clients come referenced by other clients.

100% of processes successfully delivered in 12 days.

Oh, and 23% of our clients settled more than one position with the same candidate stock. No extra charge.

Is it a good investment?

If you want amazing candidates for your job positions, without having to wait for a month or paying for things that you have to do anyway, you can get that here.

But of course, it’s up to you.

If you ask us if we would recommend our service to our mothers… indeed we would, blindly.

Sincerely, this way of approaching your recruitment processes (saving time and money) is so absurdly effective that we often ask ourselves how nobody thought about it before…

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